I AM Family Choir
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Imagine a new Africa. Reborn, Revived, Rebuilt.

THE GREAT I AM TOUR, by I AM FAMILY CHOIR, presents the vitality of a new Africa.
Its vibrance, urban sound and color takes you on an emotional journey from utter despair to joyous celebration, as the children share their stories.

The tour begins in August 2017, bringing a dynamic worship experience by those who were once hopeless and vulnerable, sharing their journeys to redemption and demonstrating God’s desire to be a loving father to all mankind.


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The children of the I Am Family Choir bring a message of HOPE. Sharing the power of God’s love through traditional music and dance.  As they tour the US, they delight audiences with their high-energy performances and infectious joy. They are eager to perform for you, and help to raise awareness of the on-going need to provide help and support for needy children and families in Africa.


“After losing my mother, I felt lonely, with no one to love me. Now I know that God is my father. He loves and cares for me. On the choir, I am going to tell people that God loves them and to show them that he loves everyone,” says 12 -year-old Steven Bantuma.

The stories of the children are real and represent thousands of others who are experiencing this incredible transformation.

You can be a part of this amazing journey of transformation by booking the choir to sing in your church or school. Prepare for a unique worship experience. Underscored with the original sounds and rhythms of Africa, it blends traditional and modern dance.