I AM Family Choir
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Thank you for considering to book our Children’s Choir! We look forward to visiting your city and introducing the I Am Family Ministries children to your community. It will be our pleasure to perform and say “thank you” in person for your support of our work in Africa.

To book the choir, please contact us by phone at: 805-622-7779, Email at: info@iamfamily.org or use the form below.

We want to highlight some important aspects of our concert tour and how you can best be prepared for I Am Family Ministries when they arrive. An I Am Family Ministries booking coordinator will be contacting you to answer any questions you may have. We appreciate your willingness to help us in the following areas:

Booking Requirements:

Love Offering: Since we do not require booking or admission fees, we do ask the hosting church to allow us to take a love offering during the concert. Churches will collect love offerings but schools and other organizations can pay a flat fee.
This helps I Am Family Ministries cover their costs of touring and reaching your community. All checks received in this offering can be made payable to “I Am Family Ministries.” We would request that a financial representative form your church be present to count and collect the cash offering and distribute a check to I Am Family Ministries following the performance.

I Am Family Ministries Sponsorship: Part of the children’s mission on tour is to raise awareness for the plight of needy children in Africa. At each concert we request time to promote the I Am Family Ministries sponsorship program during the concert and offer the opportunity to sponsor a child after the concert.

I Am Family Ministries Products: We would request the opportunity to sell African crafts before and after our concert. These African crafts are hand made by widows to generate much needed income for their families.

Concert Meal: Because of how energetic the set-up and performance are, we ask that the hosting venue please provide a meal for the entire group at least two hours prior to performing, or if it is a morning venue, after the performance.

Advertisement: We ask that the hosting venue to please promote the event to the best of its abilities in order to generate a wide audience for the event.

Performance Options: A full evening performance is 90 minutes long. We can customize other performances to fit the needs of the hosting venue, such as 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute shows. Please clarify with the I Am Family Ministries booking representative which concert length you prefer.