I AM Family Choir
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The I AM Family Choir™ (formerly the Mwamba Children’s Choir) is an amazingly talented group of children and adults who share their culture, faith, and joy wherever they go.

The 2017 USA West Coast Tour now booking!

This year the choir is planning a tour in the USA in 4 different states – Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona. The tour is scheduled to start in August 2017 – June 2018. If you are interested in booking the choir, please contact us at 805-622-7779.

The children in the I Am Family Choir bring a message of hope. Sharing the power of God’s love through traditional music and dance. As they tour the US, they delight audiences with their high-energy performances and infectious joy.

The children are chosen for their enthusiasm, ability, and dedication, all of which make them potential leaders when they return to their communities. They are eager to perform for you, and help to raise awareness of the on-going need to provide help and support for needy children and families in East Africa.